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Meet your employers


Finneas Fat Cat XV

Finneas Fat Cat the Fifteenth (XV) comes from a long line of, well, Fat Cats. Hundreds of years ago, Finneas Fat Cat the First, was the shipping magnate that was rumored to have brought New Pangea literally together.


Emperor Pontius Penguin

Emperor Penguin would tell you he’s overseeing a great Tundra Collective. Every mission he sends you on is “For the Glory of the Great Tundra!” But he knows that no one in this world works for glory, so he pays you all the same


Lord Lewis Longneck of Lewingford

Lord Lewis Longneck loves to use his wealth and aristocratic status to promote the finer things in life. Despite his love of art, music, and poetry, Lord Longneck still has to keep his business afloat to fund his expensive tastes.

big honking tank battles

Link conveyor belts together, craft ammo, and put out fires as you battle rival tanks to deliver packages across New Pangea.

A whimsical WORLD

Return library books for the Prince of Whales, find super glue for Lord Lewis Longneck, and meet more quirky characters in a humorous story written by Patrick Baker of The Regular Show fame.

ever-changing maps

Explore an icy tundra, scorched desert, and factory filled forests in over 100 different missions where no two playthroughs will be the same.

bring a friend or three

Play through ConnecTank's story mode in single playery mode or bring up to three friends for 4-player couch co-op action.

Nintendo Switch
PlayStation 4

AND Collect parts to unlock dozens of tanks!

ConnecTank Sir-Lance-a-Lot tank
ConnecTank Puck the Clucker tank
ConnecTank Sir-Lance-a-Lot tank
Longneck Tank
Emperor Penguin Tank
Finneas Fat Cat Tank